How to recycle plastic in 2022?
04 January 2022

Recycling operations became a very important part of the public consciousness years ago and today all the benefits of different recycling are known, like waste recycling on its various issue. The materials we recycle remain in the commercial and consumer activity cycle but are deducted from the garbage screen that we have to dispose of and landfill. Thus making them beneficial to everyone. Aside from waste saved from the planet and people, recycled products can also be cheaper because of the almost zero raw material price and therefore will benefit those who do not have the budget to buy new products.

Why is it even important to recycle plastic waste?

Plastic recycling is one of the types of recycling that has been considered and tried for years, because old plastic is a by-product of the oil industry, or of advanced polymer industries. Their bottom line is that they are made from materials that are designed to be as durable as possible and last as long as possible, when this is also true for their durability as industrial and commercial waste. As a plastic, this material is harmless and is also strong and very beneficial in industry as well. But every fire of his or an attempt to dismantle it produces from it ecologically toxic substances both as a gas, as a solid and even if it seeps into the ground. So all the plastic materials used simply cannot disintegrate without causing further environmental damage. Therefore, very efficient ways must be found to recycle it and make proper industrial use of it to properly utilize its properties.

How is the plastic collected?

Plastic collection is done in an orderly manner by recycling services that specialize in this and know how to collect it from the places where it is in large quantities, especially in various factories and businesses that use it in large quantities. They then sort the different types of plastic according to the type of material and their different uses, obtain the necessary approvals and use facilities that meet the most stringent environmental standards, in order not to create toxic and environmentally harmful by-products that will be absorbed into soil and water or evaporate into air. Nowadays it is customary to act according to European standards because it is considered the most stringent. The plastic is shredded and remelted to create new products safely and without creating toxic gases, according to the type of plastic and regulations that allow it.

What types of plastic are commonly recycled?

Apart from plastic that we are familiar with in home use, there is a lot of plastic that is used in factories like crates, sheets and bags, spare parts and machine parts and fixtures, various packaging, bottles and containers, boxes and crates, scraps and inventory, boards and cables, reels and more. However, it is important to know that only certain types of plastics are recyclable because of their manufacturing methods, especially as a crushing and remelting for new products. This is a recycling that uses plastic that is produced by thermoplastic methods in order to create a new product and not a plastic recycling for reuse in the same format of product that was used before. In any case, after recycling the plastic can be used for certain industries only.

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