Surface Trash Can

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A surface trash can is one of the most effective solutions in the field. This is a surface intended for placement on various infrastructures, the evacuation of which is done by trucks with a top load. This facility is considered a common choice today in Israeli cities for various reasons, one of which is that its installation does not require the preparation of a suitable infrastructure – and this is different from landfill containers.

Surface waste containers from the Ashkelon record model are intended for collecting various types of garbage, including household garbage, paper, bottles, packaging, etc. The container has a large volume and aesthetic and blends in with the environment, with the option to choose between shades. The container has four sides, making it possible to place information and branding materials on top.

The benefits of a surface garbage container from S.I.E Ashkelon

Our surface trash can offers maximum convenience. Thanks to an innovative evacuation method, the container can be evacuated using the driver only, without requiring him to leave the vehicle. This saves effort, manpower and money alike.

The container can be placed on top of all types of infrastructure, including pavement, asphalt, kurkar, concrete and others. Of course, you can combine its purchase with other solutions offered by SHI Ashkelon, including a tin with metal soil, water tanks with a volume of up to 1,500 litres, sleeves for construction waste, integrated trenches – and so on.

image project - Surface Trash Can
image project - Surface Trash Can
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